Students should conform to the rules and discipline of the College. They should be respectful to the teachers and other staff members of the College. They should regularly see the notice on the Notice Board and act accordingly. They should also scrupulously avoid all political activities and demonstrations. Collection of any sort of funds from among the students or holding of meetings in and around the premises is not allowed without the prior permission of the Principal. Any breach of discipline will be seriously dealt with and the decision of the Principal in all such cases shall be final.


The College has prescribed uniforms for UG and PG students respectively. It is mandatory for the students to wear college uniform.

UG Dress

UG Dress

PG Dress

PG Dress


Students seeking admission to this College should be very regular in attendance at classes. For all the students, the promotion to next higher class will depend on a very regular class attendance for theory and practical separately in each subject and securing qualifying marks at all the examinations held during the year. Similarly in case of re-admission, any student who has failed to attend the classes regularly, his case will not be considered for re-admission. All the guardians are requested to be careful about their wards in connection with attendance, promotion etc.

Any newly-admitted student found remaining absent for three consecutive working days w.e.f. the date of commencement of classes without the permission of the Principal will forfeit his seat.

A student to be sent-up for the University Examination must have attended the classes regularly (theoretical & practical classes taken separately in each subject) and secured qualifying marks in all the examinations held during the year.

A student failing to attend the classes regularly will be treated as non-collegiate and subsequently may not be allowed to appear in the Examination.

Religious Instruction

The College is under the management and supervision of the Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home. The students are, therefore, expected to participate in all religious and social functions and activities of the Mission. The special feature of the College is to impart religious instruction of a very broad and catholic nature as preached and practiced by Sri Ramakrishna and propounded by his disciple Swami Vivekananda. Ramakrishna-Vivekananda literature is available in the library and students are expected to make effective use of it.