Infrastructural Facilities

To run any science laboratory two main essential components required are: continuous water supply and un-interrupted clean electric power supply.

There are two deep tube-wells to take care of round the clock continuous water supply in the college campus.

The college has three generators, which are connected with AMF (Auto Main Failure) panels, so that they can start or shut down themselves automatically without any human intervention as and when main supply is disrupted.

Moreover, entire electric power supply of the college is servo-stabilized to maintain the rock-steady voltage through a 90 KVA Three-phase Servo-stabilizer. Green power is also an essential requirement for any laboratory. There is a provision for 5 KVA Green power through a big battery-bank.

  • ICT enabled classrooms in every Department equipped with multimedia projectors for state-of-the-art presentation system.

  • One Classroom with smartboard and facilities for distance-mode e-classes in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University , Belur Math.

  • Photocopy (Xerox) and scanning facility available for preparation and dissemination of study materials and questions papers. Scanners of high quality like the Book Eye Scanners for creating pdf of teaching materials cum study materials, Eye Ball Scanners, Document scanners are present for various academic purposes.

  • A 200 seater, centrally Air-conditioned Seminar Hall – Swami Vivekananda Hall equipped with the modern audio-visual system is used for seminars, workshops, invited lectures etc.

  •    A 1200-seater, centrally Air-conditioned Seminar Hall - Sri Ramakrishna Hall equipped with two modern audio-visual system is used for seminars,   workshops, invited lectures etc.
  • One Air-conditioned Conference room important academic meetings and discussions amongst the faculty members.

  • Since the college is entirely dedicated for the study of basic Sciences hence laboratories for practical classes form a vital necessity for the students. The college possesses one the best science laboratories in the State with all the features of a modern , well equipped lab. A rich resource of chemicals, samples and instruments along with a tidy, high class lab ambience comprising of granite-top working spaces, proper exhaust system , fume chambers, continuous water supply etc. makes the lab facilities a matter of pride for the college.

  • Most of the teachers work on major or minor research projects. The college provides a superb lab-infrastructure for carrying on research. At present there are four major research labs in the college entitled to work on : Plant Tissue Culture, Mycopathology, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

  • The college has a rare collection of many sophisticated instruments like HPTLC , UV and IR Spectrophotometers , Freeze Dryer, Gelldoc, Fluorophotometer, PCR, Growth Chamber , Leica Microscopes etc. for research, PG and UG courses. There is a separate ‘Instrument room’ for housing some of these sensitive and valuable instruments.

  • Two computer labs for the students with internet facility.

  • Broadband connectivity with wi-fi system ensures uninterrupted internet facility.

  • Completely computerized catalogue in the library.

  • Projection system to notify the recent arrivals in the library.

  • A 30KW Grid-connected Solar power generation unit for promoting the use of non-conventional energy resources and for minimizing the electric consumption of the college.

  • A Poly House for Botanical research.

  • A Shade Net House for temperature and light intensity controlled plant growth.

  • Medicinal plantation for Botanical research.

  • A Mushroom Cultivation Unit for Certificate Course with a museum displaying various types of mushrooms.

  • A zoological museum in the Zoology Department.