Saraswati Puja


On the auspicious day of shree panchami, the students and staffs of the institution assemble in the college to pay homage to the deity of knowledge, art and creativity -- Holy Mother Saraswati. With the desire of gaining academic success and prosperity, the deity is worshipped on this propitious tithi.

The rituals of the worship reflect the eternal sense of devotion and traditional way of praying to the almighty for the success of an individual and an establishment as a whole. The enchanting of hymns and prayers intertwined with the fragrance of the puja accessories make the whole atmosphere of the campus heavenly. The devotees and visitors start to assemble from the early morning to help the organisers with their work of the puja. Music plays an indispensable role of expression and unification of the people in all the ceremonies of the Ramakrishna mission. Thus, the Saraswati puja finds its benevolence in the music presented by the staffs and students of the college. The ritual of 'Mangaal Aarti and Pushpanjali' leaves a serene touch of celestial pleasure in the viewer’s mind. Prasad distribution process follows a systematic order such that no one returns empty handed.

Thus, the puja involves the assemblage and interaction of a large section of people across the society with the college and its functioning. The college campus is brightly decorated with dazzling lights and enriched colours. The winter flowers lined up on both sides of the entrance hall beautifully entice the viewers’ attention. The hearty welcome and warm reception of the college students and staffs are the most prominent features of the entire episode.