freshers welcome 2017   freshers welcome-2 2017

Every year after the commencement of the new session, a cultural programme under the name `Freshers’ welcome` is organised to mark the welcome ceremony of the new comers. The freshers’ welcome is the celebration of joy and harmony where the newly admitted students are acquainted with the ideals and workings of the institution.

It creates a scope for the students to understand and realise the goals, the institution seeks to achieve in a better way. This cultural programme fulfils the need for introduction and interaction amongst the new and the persisting members of the college. It nourishes the youths with love and care and inculcates the feeling of respect, faith and attachment a student should have for his institution. It instils the value of participation and teamwork in the youths amply guided by a cultural background. The programme suitably caters to the entertainment of the viewers with music, dramas, recitations, speech etc. The students are also provided with Tiffin and flowers during the course of the programme. The students are highly benefited to have themselves able to listen to the worthy speech of the Honourable Principal Maharaj. He narrates the divine message of the Holy Trio -Thakur Sri Ramakrishna, the Holy Mother and Swami Vivekananda for the spiritual awakening leading to the upliftment of the mind and soul.

The performers of the cultural programme chiefly comprise of the college students but the office staffs and teachers render full cooperation and assistance wherever necessary.