Annual Blood Donation Camp

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That blood is the most sacred and precious constituent of life has been the fact approved by medical experts for centuries. A single drop of blood has the potency to aid to the creation of a new life and rejuvenating a decaying one once afresh. There are several diseases like thalasemia etc where periodic blood transfusion is necessary for the survival of the patient. Every year millions of people across the world die of non-availability of transfusable blood. This has indeed triggered the concept of blood donation camp. Many NGOs have been actively working in this regard to meet up the growing blood crisis in the blood banks. 

With a similar objective, the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College initiated its first blood donation camp more than 25 years ago and still organises the camp every year in the same vivid fashion. The institution has been honoured with a memento and certificate by the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, west Bengal for organising 25 voluntary blood donation camps on their annual convocation held on January 20, 2008. This camp promotes the desire for blood donation and eradicates misconceptions regarding the donor’s health. Students and staffs keenly utilise this opportunity, simple yet the noblest means, of serving the nation. Most of the staffs and students turn up on the day of blood donation camp. Not everyone’s health conditions are found to be perfect to stand the loss, yet which is most appreciable is the wish for blood donation. The college admires the active participation and support from the students. It provides the donors with healthy Tiffin and certificates as an honour to their selfless approach.
All the members of the institution seem to have an indomitable urge for blood donation. Consequently, the number of donors has been growing remarkably higher every year. The college publishes the name of the donors and their respective blood groups to encourage and inspire everyone for this noble service. The graffiti on the college boundary wall also depicts the significance of blood donation and conveys the message of divine love and goodwill.