Ramakrishna Mission
Vivekananda Centenary College, Rahara
An Autonomous College (Status By UGC)
College with Potential for Excellence (CPE)

Accredited by NAAC with Grade A

The Ramakrishna Mission Boys’ Home at Rahara, a branch centre of the Ramakrishna Mission, was founded in 1944 as an orphanage with a nucleus of 37 boys rendered orphan by the Great Bengal Famine of 1942-1943. More...


Autonomous College status conferred by UGC

UGC Vide letter NO. F.22-1/2017(AC) dated 28.2.2017, informed the Principal of the college as well as the Register of the WBSU regarding the conferment of Autonomous status of the college for a period of six years.

Semester : Each semester will consist of 15-18 weeks of academic work equivalent to 90 actual teaching days. The odd semester may be scheduled from July to December and even semester from January to June.

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS): The CBCS provides choice for students to select from the prescribed courses (core, elective or minor or soft skill courses).

Credit Point: It is the product of grade point and number of credits for a course.

Credit: One credit is equivalent to one hour of teaching (lecture or tutorial) or two hours of practical work/field work per week.

Grade Point: It is a numerical weight allotted to each letter grade on a 10 -point scale.

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA): It is a measure of performance of work done in a semester. It is ratio of total credit points secured by a student in various courses registered in a semester and the total course credits taken during that semester. It shall be expressed up to two decimal places.

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): It is a measure of overall cumulative performance of a student over all semesters.

Grade Point: It is a numerical weight allotted to each letter grade on a 10- point scale.

Letter Grade: It is an index of the performance of students in a said course. Grades are denoted by letters O, A+, A, B+, B, C, P and F.


College with Potential for Excellence (CPE)

UGC vide letter No F.12-1/2010/2015(NS/PE) dated 27-05-2016 conferred the status of College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) to our college.

Objectives of CPE Status:

  • To define and manage the processes included in the design, development, and delivery of the chosen academic programmes.
  • To strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching, research and outreach programmes that would be comparable to global standards.
  • To promote flexible and effective governance.
  • To enhance the quality of the learning and teaching process at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels with the help of a flexible credit based modular system, and the whole range of innovations currently accepted globally.
  • To promote academic programmes relevant to the socio-economic needs of the nation in general, and the region in particular.
  • To improve undergraduate education in colleges by the interfacing of the postgraduate programmes.
  • To promote networking with University departments, research centres and laboratories in the country.
  • To promote skill oriented programmes.


The Scheme “Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST)” of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India is intended to provide basic infrastructure and enabling facilities for promoting R&D activities in new and emerging areas and attracting fresh talents in universities & other educational institutions for post-graduate teaching and research.

As per letter No. SR/FST/College-068 dated 15-2-2012, DST, Government of India has identified our college for FIST program in Level-0 category


Accredited by NAAC with Grade A

The Indian higher education system is in a constant state of change and flux due to the increasing needs of expanding access to higher education, impact of technology on the delivery of education, increasing private participation and the impact of globalization. Taking cognizance of these developments and the role of higher education in society, NAAC has developed five core values: contributing to national development, fostering global competencies among students, inculcating a value system in students, promoting the use of technology and quest for excellence.

4th Meeting of the Standing Committee held on 10th December, 2014, NAAC accredited our college with Grade A.


NIRF status 2017

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) was approved by the MHRD and launched by Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development on 29th September 2015.

This framework outlines a methodology to rank institutions across the country. The methodology draws from the overall recommendations broad understanding arrived at by a Core Committee set up by MHRD, to identify the broad parameters for ranking various universities and institutions. The parameters broadly cover “Teaching, Learning and Resources,” “Research and Professional Practices,” “Graduation Outcomes,” “Outreach and Inclusivity,” and “Perception”.

As per the result declared by MHRD on 03-04-2017, our college has secured 78th rank in India and 3rd position in West Bengal.