Ramakrishna Mission
Vivekananda Centenary College, Rahara
An Autonomous College (Status By UGC)
College with Potential for Excellence (CPE)

Accredited by NAAC with Grade A

Name of the faculty member No. of students obtained Ph. D. degree Number of students working/registered for Ph. D. degree
Prof. Chandrakanta Bandyopadhyay Three Two
Prof. Tapas Ghosh One Two
Prof. Swapan Kumar Ghosh One Four
Prof. Biswajit Ghosh Two Five

Research Publications and Awards

Research publication of the Department of Chemistry
Prof. C. Bandyopadhyay 60
Prof. T. Ghosh 44
Prof. K. R. Sur 17
Prof. R. Patra 08
Prof. S. Banerjee 29
Prof. B. Dutta 12
Prof. B. Mondal 15
Prof. D. Jana 19
Prof. K. Mandal 7
Prof. S. Suin 22
Prof. S. Sarkar 45
Research publication of the Department of Botany
Prof. S. K. Ghosh 45
Prof. B. Ghosh 51
Prof. A. K. Choudhury 10
Prof. H.S. Dey 12
Prof. A. Kundu 09
Prof. B. Roy 02
Prof. A. Bhar 04
Research publication of the Department of Pysics
Prof. A. K. Pal 12
Prof. C. K. Das 05
Prof. Atisdipankar Chakraborty 10
Prof. Rajen Kundu 13
Research publication of the Department of Zoology
Prof. P. K. Medda 16
Prof. D. Datta 23
Prof. K. Bhattacharya 04
Prof. A. Mukherjee 22
Research publication of the Department of Mathematics
Prof. P.K. Rana 22
Prof. S.K. Biswas 02
Prof. S. Pal 38
Prof. Amit Kumar Biswas 14
Research publication of the Department of Language
Prof. M. Moulic 06
Research publication of the Library
Sri R. K. Dey 02

Patents obtained and filed

Prof. Biswajit Ghosh: GenBank (International Nucleotide Sequence Database)

Rice Accession numbers in NCBI GenBank.
  • Bhog dhan (Accession: JQ345686)
  • Chini atap (Accession: JQ345687)
  • Khas dhan (Accession: JQ345688)
  • Nayanmuni (Accession: JQ345689)
  • Roygorh (Accession: JQ345690)
Prof. Subhabrata Banerjee: US Patents granted
  • Process for the activation of perovskite-type oxide
    V. R. Choudhary and Subhabrata Banerjee
    US Patent US 6,197,719 (2001).
  • Low temperature process for the production of hydrogen
    Vasant Ramchandra Choudhary, Amarjeet Munshiram Rajput, Subhabrata Banerjee,
    US Patent US 6,509,000 (2003)
Prof. Kaustab Mandal: India Patents filed for publication
  • A process of making bimetallic palladium based nanoporous alloy for hydrogen generation from formic acid at near ambient temperature.
    Subrata Dasgupta, Kaustab Mandal and Debaleena Bhattacharjee
    India Patent, Application No. 0622DEL2015
  • A process of making impervious palladium membrane over ceramic substrate at near ambient temperature.
    Subrata Dasgupta, Debaleena Bhattacharjee, Kaustab Mandal and Trilochan P. Sahoo
    India Patent, Application No. 2461DEL2013
Awards received by the Faculty

Prof. Chandrakanta Bandyopadhyay

Prof. T. Navneeth Rao Best Teacher Award 2013” by ‘A V Rama Rao Foundation’ at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, on 5th September, 2013

Prof. Swapan Kr Ghosh

Award received : “Distinguished Scientist Award” presented by the committee of National level Conference “Biodiversity :Threats & Conservation through traditional & biotechnological approaches : organized by Dum Dum Matijheel College, Kol -74 in collaboration with Bose Institute & Botanical Survey of India , sponsored by : UGC, CSIR , DST.

Prof. Biswajit Ghosh

Award received : Young Scientist Award in Plant Biotechnology At First International Conference on Bio-Resource & Stress Management.(February 6-9, 2013)